Brazil is immense, with many contrasts, very varied climates, very regional cultures and culinary, and only these factors, are already responsible for attracting thousands of people from all over the planet, for our country, in search of new horizons, new landscapes, and many good stories to tell. A very interesting region of Brazil to get to know, whether alone or with your family or friends, is the Midwest region, a place of many charms, good services in all its cities, and many ecological areas, such as the capital of the state of Mato Grosso, the city of Cuiabá, which was dubbed the “Green City”, presents two fascinating biomes – the Pantanal and Chapada dos Guimarães. City Headquarters of the 2014 World Cup with four games of the first phase, the capital of Mato Grosso is a combination of history, modernity, flavors and business. Currently Cuiabá is recognized as a modern city, with good opportunities in the professional field and good indexes of quality of life, has a tradition to welcome all its visitors. One of the favorite activities of its residents, is the massage in Cuiabá, which offers several clinics fully specialized in this activity throughout the city, promoting relaxation, a better quality of life and well-being to its practitioners. There are many reasons why its residents and visitors perform a good massage session in Cuiabá, as it promotes many health benefits, some of them are: It improves skin elasticity, blood circulation, immune system and muscle toning ; Stimulates and balances the digestive system; Helps fight high blood pressure; Relax your body and mind; It improves a person’s self-image and consequently self-esteem, and many other benefits. If you decide to meet one of the most requested and exotic destinations in the entire Central-West region of Brazil, be sure to look for the massage techniques in Cuiabá, which are applied by excellent massage professionals from various regions of the state of Mato Grosso, who work in several clinics very well structured and with good locations.