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Massage Therapists in Americana – SP

Throughout our country, every day thousands of people are exercising and practicing their favorite sport. Brazil provides a favorable climate for varied sports practices, and especially for body activities, whether outdoors or in specific places. Those who enjoy practicing some kind of sport usually also practice some therapeutic body activity, to recondition the body, to prevent and recover varied injuries and for total relaxation. The state of São Paulo is a great center for those who like to practice mainly therapeutic body activities, such as massage, because the state offers an excellent structure in this sector, with several clinics totally dedicated to the universe of body activities, spread throughout all its cities , either by the capital, or by the coastal cities, or the interior of São Paulo. A city that stands out by the state for offering a good structure to the practitioners of therapeutic body activities, it is located in the interior, where there is always a good professional massage therapist in Americana, who offers different techniques of your choice, always with your preference on the agenda . By offering a high quality service, with many clinics totally dedicated to therapeutic corporal activities, many people from other parts of the interior of São Paulo seek the health benefits that a good masseuse in Americana offers, such as the elimination of toxins and metabolic residues; decreased insomnia; provide a greater elasticity of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth; improved blood circulation, skin elasticity and immune system; low blood pressure in the case of hypertensive patients, and many other good reasons for you to immediately join this activity so healthy to body and mind. The techniques offered by a professional massage therapist in Americana are efficient for people of both sexes, and for different ages, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, in well located and structured clinics, providing comfort and convenience to its practitioners, as well as invigorating and well-being moments. If you are planning a trip to this traditional city in the interior of São Paulo, do not forget to know the techniques offered by a good professional massage therapist in Americana.

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The traditional Chinese Medicine & Shiatsu

Did you know that formerly in China, doctors were not paid to heal people but to keep them healthy?

The traditional Chinese medicine was brought to Japan approximately in the 10th century before Christ and in that merger came the Shiatsu.

You may have probably heard about the term shiatsu that comes from the typical oriental massage of the same name, where the Japanese word “shi” means fingers and “atsu” means “pressure.”

 This technique basically consists of pressure manipulations with the masseur’s fingers on specific points located in the energetic channels of the body (meridians) of the patient, through which the vital energy flows.

It is also interesting to note that the therapist who uses shiatsu answers the patient by analyzing all their life and spiritual context, be it their routine, diet or simply lifestyle.

But what is the difference between traditional Shiatsu and Zen Shiatsu?

Unlike the traditional method, zen shiatsu is a body therapy that uses oriental techniques of massage, meditation exercises, breathing and stretching movements in order to treat and prevent diseases, in addition to providing balance and relaxation.

The term zen refers to the meditative attitude during the current session. Thus, mindfulness, emotional balance, patience, love and compassion are skills and attitudes that are being developed as you receive sessions of zen shiatsu.

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Hot Stone Massage

After a year of tiring work and with the arrival of the holidays, all we want is a good massage to relax, is not it?

We all know that massage therapy has made more and more supporters because of its many health benefits, but how about knowing more about its variations?

 Hot stone massage for example, is a variation of traditional massage therapy.

Also called geothermal therapy, which is characterized by being a massage technique created thousands of years ago that has been heavily sought after in spas and therapy places, being used mainly for health care, wellness and beauty. Hot stone massage is also usually combined with a contrasting mode of cold stones.

How does it work?

The caregiver usually begins by applying cream or oil on the patient’s body allowing the stones to glide smoothly over his body muscles.

After the hot stones have relaxed your muscles, the massage therapist must remove them and then, using your own hands, will massage directly on your skin.

 A hot stone massage takes an average of 60 to 90 minutes and the result is satisfactory in almost 100% of cases.

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Eating X Anxiety

Have you been feeling unwilling to do the tasks that were once daily done? Have you seen changes in your body and do not know what to do? So this post is dedicated especially to you.

Most people do not know but eating is one of the main factors that contribute to anxiety. Many individuals complain of a lack of willingness to do the day-to-day tasks and barely know that their food may be one of the major influencers of such a disturbing picture.

Anxiety has been a very worrying problem as it can destroy lives and families and health and psychology specialists have been developing projects and theories to combat this disease.

Most dietitians think that poor diet is capable of generating anxiety, but, after all, what foods are the ones that can generate this situation?

The answer is that there is no “X” food that we can not consume, but we should avoid those that are more “easy” to access, such as fast food, fatty foods among other sources of food that are not so well nutritional view.

The tip we can give is that we should always give preference to foods that come straight from nature, without chemical processing, this is already a great step to change anxiety situations.

4 Infallible Tips for Starting Food Re-education

Many people seek more health and well-being but do not know where to start. Did you know that food re-education is capable of making us change our lives?

 In this post we’ll bring some foolproof tips to get you started.

Nowadays, a large part of humanity is overweight, this is due to the ease of frequenting fast-food and other fattening networks.

Many people start the so-called “diets” but end up giving up in the first few weeks, which leads to the concert effect, to gain weight and to lose weight countless times.

The proposal of food re-education is to change drastically your food routine, that is, eliminate everything that is not good for your body and that is making you fat.

Avoiding greasy foods, soft drinks, unhealthy eating of sweets and other foods not so rich in nutrients is one of the first steps to be taken by the person who wants to follow this path.

Let’s separate some essential tips for those thinking about food re-education, check out:

  1. Have a stated purpose or goal
  2. Avoid starting to put obstacles or foods that would not give up
  3. Expand your horizons to try food, do not be afraid of what is unknown.
  4. Be your greatest motivation but have the patience to see the results, dietary reeducation differently from diets has the best long-term outcome and can be considered a new way of life.

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